The National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU)

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The mission of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) is to create a system of leading personnel and academic support in implementing the tasks set out by the Russian Government in the area of building and architecture.

The furtherance of innovation in this area is at the heart of what MGSU sets out to do. The aim always is to create education and education resources blending state and private partnerships that will maximize the scientific and intellectual potential of civil engineering institutions. Buildings and architecture provide the context for the most important social areas of people’s activity, so their planning is crucial to any advancement of Government policy. In all areas within the remit of MGSU education must be advanced and of world-class standard.

The University has trained more than 110 000 competent engineers, builders, specialists and managers of all levels in the spheres of industrial, civil, power, water, engineering, economic planning and management of construction operation, information systems and technologies, design, automatization and computer simulation of buildings, structures and complexes.

Scientists and specialists of MGSU have established distinguished reputations and are heading most of the well-known engineering establishments in Russia and abroad. In scientificand-pedagogical and scientific-and-practical civil engineering schools, they are held in the highest respect by colleagues and by the scientific and professional community. More than 3000 PhDs presented and defended their theses and more than 5000 professors and associate professors were certified in MGSU.

MGSU professors are authors of basic textbooks, study guides, working plans and programmes, methodological learning aids, scientific monographs and they are founders of the priority directions for the scientific development of civil engineering proThe National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering 

5 grammes, the existing specialty classification and the content of the higher vocational civil engineering education.

MGSU enjoys deserved international respect, has a large experience of fruitful international cooperation with 80 universities and scientific-and-educational centers in 35 countries, allowing the university to actively participate in the process of civil engineering universities integration into the European educational space. By developing the students’ academic mobility, MGSU has trained more than 3100 competent specialists from 103 countries of the world.

The university is actively participating with international organizations, including the European Association of Civil Engineering Universities and Faculties (AECEF), the European Civil Engineering Education and Training (EUCEET), the European Association of Engineering Universities (SEFI), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE) and others.

MGSU is the only Russian Institute of higher education holding the BREEAM license.

MGSU is the leading Russian institute of higher education in the sphere of civil engineering. The University heads the Education and Methodics Association of academic civil engineering institutions of the Russian Federation and the International Association of educational civil engineering institutions (AECEI), which includes more than 150 educational institutions and its branches, with the degree program “Civil Engineering” from the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

MGSU serves as a coordinator in the sphere of the organization of scientific research in civil engineering with the participation of architecture-and-building and technical universities of Russia, making the research in different scientific areas of civil engineering.

MGSU is widely represented in the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science, having state status. Many of MGSU scientists are winners of the President grant, the Russian Fund of Fundamental Research, RAASN, international funds, 11 professors are honoured with the title of laureates of the Government of the Russian Federation.

MGSU is known for the high level of its faculty, diverse experience in educational activities, technically and methodically modern science and laboratory base, corresponding to all requirements for a state-of-the-art scientific and educational complex.

The University has a large sporting tradition, its own sports and recreation camps, a unique scientific and technical library, whose content is more than 1,77 million editions.

A certified system of education quality control in accordance with requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2008 for:

  • buildings and structures of the I and II responsibility level engineering research;
  • design and construction of the I and II responsibility level buildings;
  • foundation soils condition research and members of structure condition research;
  • preparation of planning documentation;
  • implementation of the functions of the developer by the order of the state developer (the Ministry of Education and science of the Russian Federation).

A Board of Trustees has been functioning in MGSU since 2000. It comprises more than 40 large organizations of the building sector of Moscow and the Moscow region.

Today MGSU is a leading civil engineering university, having old academic and scientific traditions, a modern research-andeducation center, actively participating in the development and forming of the professional and intellectual potential of the Russian Federation.

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The primary function of the Institute - presentation of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) in the international market of educational services.

The Institute coordinates the education of foreign citizens at all levels and directions of educational programs implemented in MGSU. Foreign nationals from more than 50 countries from all continents of the globe are educated in MGSU. The Institute also runs programs of pre-university education - “Russian language for Foreigners” and “University Admission Preparation”. More than 3 500 engineers and PhD and Doctors of Science from 108 countries of the world have been educated at MGSU.

One of the tasks of the Institute’s mission is to interact with foreign universities in the development of international academic mobility, coordination of the development and implementation of joint educational programs during the process of effective promoting of the university internationalization and the implementation of the Bologna process statements.

Currently, MGSU offers 12 joint degree programs.

The Institute of International Education and Language Communication offers bachelor-degree education in two joint educational programs in “Construction” with “Information and Construction Engineering” profile together with:

  • Berlin Technical University (Germany)
  • the International Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Switzerland).

Annually, the University carries out exchanges of students for practical training with Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland), Bialystok Technical University (Poland), Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Ukraine), École Spéciale des Travaux Publics (France), Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands), University of Maribor (Slovenia).

The best MGSU students are sent for internships to the largest construction companies: Alpine (Austria), Strabag (Austria), MC-Bauchemie (Germany), Vermogen und Bau Baden-Wurttemberg, (Germany), Bouygues (France), Statens Fastighetsverk (Sweden), etc.

Master-degree and post-graduate students of our university take internships at the universities in France (ESTP), Germany (Bauhaus-University, Berlin Technical University), Czech Technical University in Prague (the Czech Republic).

Every year the best MGSU students are sent to the summer schools of the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), École Spéciale des Travaux Publics (Paris, France), University of Maribor (Slovenia), Bauhaus-University (Weimar, Germany), University of Cambridge (England, United Kingdom).

MGSU provides exchange of graduate students for inclusive education with the leading European universities.

The Institute includes two departments:

  • Russian as a foreign language department
  • Department of foreign languages and professional communication.

The Institute employs 60 teachers, including 15 holders of academic titles and degrees.

The Institute widely represents and successfully implements the programs of additional professional education in Russian and foreign languages; the MGSU students actively participate in summer language school training in Russia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Ireland and other countries.

The Institute of International Education and Language Communication provides quality education in Construction with international educational technologies.


MGSU campus has 10 comfortable dormitories for more than 5 000 students. They are arranged as three groups of buildings in Moscow and the Moscow region. All dorms are located in close proximity to lecture halls.

Each dorm room is designated for two or three students. Each dorm floor has fully equipped kitchens. Guest rooms are ready to accommodate guests of MGSU. Each guest room has a refrigerator, a television, and an electric kettle. The dorms have Internet access. The dorms have washing machines, lockers, stores, refreshment rooms and cafeterias.

The dorms are patrolled by the security service.

The campus has multiple leisure and sports facilities. Football, fiveo-side football, chess tournaments are held by the physical training and sports department of the University between teams representing different dorms. A skating rink is open in winter. Students can practice race walking, jogging, skiing and bicycling at Lossiny Ostrov forest nearby.

MGSU has a Student club, a Youth center of leadership improvement, the Club of the cheerful and quick-witted, a Creativity center, and an International communications club.



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