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Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) has been a pioneering technical school in Siberia and the Far East. Today TPU is one of the leading technical universities in Russia for a progressive, creative, and dynamic young generation. Thanks to the innovative scientists and R&D program, TPU has become one of the most attractive educational institutions for students from all over Russia and the world.

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Accommodations locate conveniently for students to get university buildings, down town, athletic facilities and historical sights of the city. TPU dormitories are equipped by modern facilities. Every student can find place for relaxation and studying room.


Resource-Efficiency Fellowship for international students. The Fellowship consists of Master Scholarship, PhD Scholarship, International P.L.U.S. traineeship of PhD students.


Abailim Christian Izunna, Nigeria:
«I leant that TPU is one of the best university in Russia. What impressed me more is that they study in both languages in English and Russian. TPU quality of education is so fantastic. Qualified teachers are always ready to help and to teach students until they understand»
Vinanthi Sringeri Umesh, India:
«The quality of the education is excellent in the departments. Professors tech well»
Zhao Wanze, China:
«There are modern conditions for teaching and studying»
Luo Wan Hao, Vietnam:
«We can learn so much here. We also can realize our research projects in modern labs»
National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University International Department
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